Sabastian (Barn Name "Bass")

Born April 4, 2012

Dam: Netieva

Sire: Sam

Registration Number: IL 09 235 12

Born while we were at work.
Bass and Shi getting to know each other.

Bass says, " I came one week early just to meet you!"
I love you Mom
Nadja, Hazel, Nicky, and Hilde Checking Out The Bass Man (Left to Right)
Nicky is born April 27th, 2010 @ 07:35 pm

Dam: Netieva

Sire: Necho

Registration Number: IL 09 234 10
Netieva giving Nicky her first bath
She cleans up nicely!
Nicky's 1'st day in the pasture @ 4 days of age.

Meet Nadja, First foal out of Netieva

Born April 7th, 2009

Registration Number: IL 09 233 09

Dam Netieva

Sire: Necho
Nadja resting after a fine meal!

Meet Noz, First Arrival 2009!
Name: Nosternecho

Barn Name: Noz

Registration Number: IL 09 232 09

Born: March 23rd 2009, 05:30 pm Central Standard Time.
Hazel watching over Noz while sleeping.
Noz contemplating his new life.
Name: Hilde
Registration: IL 09 231 08

Hilde from 2008 as she grew:

Hilde and mom Hazel when she was let out in the pasture at less than 1 month of age
Hilde stayed close to mom on her first trip out into the world (pasture).
Jennifer and Hilde
Hilde loved her butt scratched
Aunt Netieva delights in playing with her hay feeder. Works out well for Hilde!
Hilde was very dark when shedding at 3 months of age.
Hilde at 6 months trying on her pulling collar. "Just a little too big Dad, but I will grow into it. I promise!"
At 6 months of age Hilde has become a beautiful young lady. Very proud!

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